E-Rx Controlled Substances

Electronically Prescribe Controlled Substances

To e-prescribe controlled substances in Epic, you must first install the SecureAuth Authenticate app on your smartphone. This app is required as a secondary form of authentication when e-prescribing controlled substances to confirm you’re the authorizing provider.

To get started, view these instructions on your mobile device and follow these steps:



  1. Open the app. Tap + to open the menu.
  2. Tap Connect with URL.
  3. Enter the following web address: https://auth.houstonmethodist.org. Tap the Proceed to Login button.
  4. Enter your Username (Houston Methodist network ID) and tap Submit.
  5. Select your preferred delivery method to receive your one-time secure registration code and tap Submit. If more than one delivery option is listed, use the mobile number of the device you’re currently using so you can easily enter the four-digit authorization code you’ll receive.
  6. Enter the Registration Code you received and tap Submit.
  7. Enter your Houston Methodist Password and tap Submit. You’re now ready to e-prescribe controlled substances!
    Note: If you’re not e-prescribing, contact the Physician Service Desk at 832.667.5555 to get set up.



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