COVID-19 Sparks Phishing Scams

For Everyone

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak to capitalize on fears over the virus. They are spreading computer viruses via phishing scams, some of which include malicious email attachments that specifically target health care professionals. 

According to SC Magazine, the most prominent

Coronavirus-themed campaign pretends to be from a Japanese disability welfare service provider. The recipient is encouraged to click an attachment for details on where the infection is spreading, at which point one of the leading types of malware is downloaded to their computer. The cybercriminals are helped by the fact that HR departments worldwide are sending out coronavirus updates to their employees and include legitimate HR warnings making it harder for employees to tell the difference.  

Before you click on an attachment or open an email, always confirm that the sender is from an internal source. If your email says the sender is external, confirm that it is a trustworthy and known source. Should you suspect that your email is a scam, click on the Report Phishing Email – Phish Alert button on the top right of your Outlook inbox. This will automatically delete the email and send an alert to

Click here, for the full article from SC Magazine

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