COVID-19 Qualitative PCR [LAB3555] Order Changes

Starting Tuesday, April 20, 9 a.m., the COVID-19 Qualitative PCR [LAB3555] order will include six new Ask on Order Entry (AOE) questions when a COVID-19 test is ordered in Epic. This is due to a new CARES Act amendment requirement.

To comply with this requirement without disrupting workflows, we’ve made the following changes:

  • AOE questions will only apply to orders placed for suspected/PUI – they do not apply to orders placed for pre-procedure or non-PUI purposes.
  • Responses to AOE questions are automatically populated for the order, based on patient criteria.
  • You have the option to amend any automatically populated answers, as appropriate.
  • AOE questions are as follows:
    • Is the patient employed in healthcare with direct patient contact?
    • Is the patient symptomatic for COVID-19 as defined by CDC?
      • Date of symptom onset.
    • Is the patient hospitalized for COVID-19?
    • Is the patient admitted to ICU for COVID-19?
    • Is the patient a resident in a congregate (group) care setting?
    • Is the patient pregnant?

Starting Tuesday, April 20, 9 a.m.:

  • When you place a COVID-19 QUALITATIVE PCR [LAB3555] order and answer No to the question, Is this for pre-procedure or non-PUI assessment?, the remaining questions will appear on the order, in the shopping cart with responses automatically populated.
  • In the shopping cart, click on the order to enter the symptom onset date and if needed, manually update the other responses.

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