COVID-19 Lab Order for Pre-Procedure or Non-PUI Assessments

COVID-19 lab orders are now available for pre-procedure or non-PUI testing without requiring isolation or triggering COVID-19 alerts, unless a patient tests positive.

  • For inpatient testing:
    • A COVID-19 Qualitative PCR – Pre-Procedure or Non-PUI Assessment order set is available.
    • Order set names are now updated for clarity.
  • For Preop and PAT testing:
    • Order sets are updated with the COVID-19 qualitative PCR [LAB3555] order.
    • A new screening question, defaulted to Yes, validates that the test is part of a pre-procedure assessment.
  • For non-pre-procedure assessment and ordering on suspected patients:
    • Selecting No will trigger COVID-19 alerts.

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