Coming Soon: Electronic Informed Consents via Epic

Electronic Informed Consent Pilot Launches at  HMH Main 3

Electronic Informed Consent via Epic successfully piloted at HMH Main 3. Electronic Informed Consent allows quick and easy retrieval of the appropriate, state-mandated consent form for commonly performed procedures and:

  • Forms are current and state compliant.
  • Risks, benefits and alternative therapies are clarified.
  • OR efficiency is improved, delays are minimized.

This will rollout systemwide, one area at a time. If you are not part of the initial pilot:

  • The e-Informed Consent button has been added/activated in Epic for everyone.
  • At this time, only HMH Main OR pilot participants should use the e-Informed Consent
  • Do not use the e-Informed Consent button until it launches in your area and you are trained on the process.

 Since the launch, pilot participants have been providing valuable feedback, ensuring future rollouts are a success.


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