Check Infusion Pump Inspection Status

For All HMTW ICU, MedSurg, OR and PACU Nurses, Radiology Techs and Outpatient Infusion Centers
Check Infusion Pump Inspection Status

Please check the color-coded inspection stickers on the infusion pumps and brains before using them to ensure the status is current and consistent when used together. Pumps and brains should have corresponding inspection stickers (blue with blue, green with green). Mismatched devices will not work together. These stickers are required by DNV and important for patient safety.

Devices with a blue sticker were inspected in 2021 and are good until 2022. A green sticker on a pump or brain indicates the device was last inspected in 2020. Bring these devices to your HMTW Biomed department, as soon as possible for annual maintenance.

Contact HMTW Biomed department with any questions and/or if your pump is missing either a maintenance sticker or the barcode to be used for the upcoming integrated infusion project. 

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