Badge Print at Holly Hall

Effective now, use your badge to print at Holly Hall with our new secure badge printing method. The old way of printing will be turned off in the near future.

Getting Started:

  1. Register your badge (instructions here). This is a one-time task.
  2. Select PPQ as your new default printer.
  3. Print like you normally do.
  4. Tap your badge on the printer, like you do when badging in the building. This shows you all print jobs in your personal queue. Just select the jobs you want to print.

Instead of having a specific default printer, you can go to any printer and badge in to print your documents. Your print jobs follow you to any printer you choose.

You also have a personal print queue that holds all your print jobs for up to 96 hours. This means your print jobs will be waiting for you until you badge in. After 96 hours, your jobs will auto-delete.

Following this initial Holly Hall deployment, secure badge printing will continue rolling out to all IT and then systemwide. Previous printing methods will be phased out completely, so be sure to set up your new printer now.

Look for detailed instructions posted by all Holly Hall printers. For questions, contact the IT Help Desk.

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