Avoid Incorrect COVID-19 Alerts: Select Correct COVID-19 PCR Order Set

To prevent incorrect COVID-19 alerts in Epic’s Storyboard, be sure to select the right COVID-19 PCR order set. This also keeps our patients from boarding the ED too early awaiting their COVID-19 test results.

To clarify this process, COVID-19 PCR Order Sets have been renamed.

  • For patients NOT clinically suspected of COVID-19:
    • COVID-19 Admit Screen (no isolation required)
  • For patients or HM staff who ARE suspected of COVID-19:
    • COVID-19 Suspect – Patient (triggers the required isolation alert)
    • COVID-19 Suspect – Staff (triggers the required isolation alert)
    • Immediately notify admitting hospitalist and nursing team of any COVID-19 suspected patients.
    • All admits must have a COVID-19 test as soon as possible.

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