Auto-Release of Non-Sensitive Lab Results Changed

Auto-release times for many non-sensitive tests have changed – allowing patients to receive test results sooner. You now have a shorter window to review these results, but you can continue using the In Basket Results Folder or the MyChart Results Release Activity to manually prevent results from auto-releasing. 

  • Non-sensitive labs and COVID-19 tests (regardless of encounter type) will auto-release 24 hours after they’re finalized.
  • ED and inpatient test results will auto-release 24 hours after discharge.
  • Basic Metabolic Panel, CBC Hemogram and CBC with Platelet and Differential are instantly released for MyChart Your Hospital Stay
  • Sensitive lab results, including tumor markers, genetic testing, pathology reports and non-screening mammograms will continue auto-releasing 10 days after finalization.

Imaging studies will continue to auto-release four days after finalization.

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