Apps Center: Two Changes Coming Dec. 3 and 4

For Apps Center Users 
Tuesday, Dec. 3: Log-in changes – make sure you’ve registered your phone
Wednesday, Dec. 4: Landing page changes – add back your missing apps

Log-in Changes
On Tuesday, Dec. 3, you can only log in Apps Center using your work or personal smartphone to receive a text or voice-mail. Knowledge Based Questions will be removed from Apps Center. Make sure your work or personal phone is registered with Houston Methodist. Here’s where to register.

The new process is more secure and easy to use:

• Choose the delivery method for your Registration Code: Voice or SMS/Text.
• Enter the Registration Code when you receive it.

Landing Page Changes
On Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 7 p.m. you’ll see changes to your Apps Center landing page if you use the apps listed here. If they’re on your landing page now, they won’t be there when you log in on Wednesday, resulting from an Apps Center upgrade.

• LaborWorkx
• MS Outlook
• MS Word
• MS Excel
• MS PowerPoint
• MS Publisher

You can repopulate your landing page to add them back. Here’s how.

• Click Apps and add your individual apps as your favorites.
o You’ll see all HM apps available remotely on the Apps page.
o Find your app and click Details, then click Add to Favorites. This adds the app to your landing page.
o You’ll need to do this for each individual app.
• After that, when you log in, you’ll see your landing page with your apps.

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