All Providers: Dragon Medical One (DMO) Upgrade Dec. 8

On Wednesday, Dec. 8, Dragon Medical One (DMO) will be upgraded to the latest version 2021.1.1. This version will repair glitches and provide you with a new feature.

  • Stability/bug fixes:

    • Fewer network drops and delays.

    • Resolved issue with DMO becoming unresponsive during Epic dictation.

    • Better handling of session disconnects during recording.

    • Resolved issue with DMO memory leaks, causing Epic and DMO to freeze or crash.

  • New feature: You can now switch to another microphone.

    • Switch microphone source from the DragonBar menu without logging off.

    • Go to DragonBar menu (flame).

    • To select or change the microphone source, choose Microphone (PowerMicIII-NS) or Nuance PowerMic Mobile.

Use Dragon Medical One voice-to-text application to enjoy instant transcription both on and off the HM network. Visit the Dragon Resources page for more information.

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