Accessing Epic Navigators for Float Staff in Inpatient and ED Units

For Clinicians in Float Labor Pool

If you are floating to another role, be sure to access the appropriate Epic navigators and tools. To do so, you must log in or manually change your temporary department and/or role.


  • To change your role and department, log in to Epic and select your float role, using the magnifying glass choose from the Item Select Then select your float department, using the magnifying glass choose from the Record Select window.

    • Note: for badge-tap and SSO workstations, you must first log out of Epic completely and log back in.


  • To change departments from either a badge-tap or non-SSO workstation, log in as normal, then click the Epic button in the upper-left corner and select Change Context. Then select the department you’re floating to from the Record Select window that opens.


When using the Record Select window, if the float department doesn’t appear under the Recent tab, click the Search tab for a complete list of available units.


You can now continue to work from any SSO workstation in the department. Remember to completely log off at the end of your shift.


Epic retains connectivity for the last department you signed into. If you change departments, including returning to your home department, you’ll need to follow the steps above to reset your access.


Click on this tip sheet for more information.

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