Tips for the Demand Capacity Management (DCM) Tool

Tips for the Demand Capacity Management (DCM) Tool

The DCM tool used for forecasting and tracking your weekly hours helps our division assess our current and future workload, plan for staffing and prioritize work. There is a great tutorial on the PMO SharePoint site, if you haven’t walked through it, you can view it here.

Here are a few tips that may make entering your hours easier:   

Two common ways to find a specific item:

  • Filter – Hover over headings to filter by specific items. If you hover over Resources you can select your name and only view items relevant to you.  

  • Search – You can type your name to view all items associated with your name in that view.

Two common ways to edit an item: 

  • Quick edit – Click edit for horizontal view of your specific task.

  • Item detail view – Click the Edit icon on any row to get a column view of your hours for a specific task.

Example of column view:


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