Sept. 5: Incomplete Blood Transfusion Documentation Updated, Improved Monitoring Added to Dashboard

On Wednesday, Sept. 5, incomplete blood transfusion documentation for discharged patients will be automatically adjusted to show all transfusions as stopped and completed. This will not impact currently-admitted patients and patients discharged less than 12 hours before the adjustment starts.

When a transfusion is stopped in the Blood Admin flowsheet, the infusion group must also be completed or the infusion will remain on a patient’s chart until it is manually completed. Currently, more than 70,000 incomplete blood-related orders remain on discharged patients’ charts.

A stopped action and/or completed flowsheet group will be documented when transfusions were stopped or completed, but documentation wasn’t completed or the transfusion has been running for more than six hours.

For additional details on the automatic adjustment click here.

Following this update, a generic user name will appear in the documentation audit trail and a comment that the transfusion was auto completed will be added.

In addition, nurse managers can monitor ongoing compliance with a new blood documentation component on the Nurse Manager Dashboard.

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