Remote Access

Getting Started

You’ll need:

  • A Houston Methodist laptop or a personal computer.
  • Secure internet access.
  • Personal phone.
  • Home internet connectivity (100MB minimum, 300MB recommended).
Bandwidth recommendations assume a single user. Ensure adequate bandwidth for your needs if used for additional computing, video streaming, gaming, etc.
For new HM laptops, make sure you log in from a work location first, before you begin working remotely.

Be sure to:

Click links above for instructions.

Accessing HM Network

Three ways:

IT Security

If you have any work information on your personal devices, hackers can use your devices as a pathway to HM data.
Protect your personal devices, data and HM information by following these simple guidelines.


Computer timing out? Make sure your computer’s sleep settings don’t time you out. Here’s how to change the power and sleep settings.

IT Service Desk

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