Password Requirements

Password Reset Instructions and Requirements

Password Reset Instructions:

You can reset your password two ways.

1. Call the IT Service Desk (832.667.5600) and press 1. Follow the prompts to receive a text message.


2. Click here.

Password Requirements:


Your password must include three of the following:

  • At least one uppercase letter.

  • At least one lowercase letter.

  • At least one number (0 – 9).

  • At least one special character ($, !, @, #, etc.)

Your password must NOT include:

  • Any part of your name.

  • Any part of your Houston Methodist username.

  • Any part of the Houston Methodist name.

  • Any of your previous five passwords.

Weak or insecure passwords may not be accepted by the system, or if it’s determined to be too similar to previously used passwords and common words or phrases, e.g., Astros1234 or Spring2022.

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