Office 365 Cloud MFA Migration FAQ

What is the Office 365 cloud multi-factor migration?

When you access Office 365 outside of our network, you typically get a text message to your phone. The text, in addition to your password, provides the “multi” factor authentication.

Our current Office 365 multi-factor solution that sends the text message, is a located in our data center. This migration moves that workload to the Microsoft cloud solution of Office 365.

It should be a fairly seamless transition as we take your existing phone number and import it into this new solution.

What happens when my account gets migrated?

Once we move your account to the Office 365 cloud solution, you will notice the sign in page to Office 365 looks a bit different than it used to (see below). In some cases Outlook may prompt you for your password, if you are off-network. Your phone may also require your password again.

How do I change my phone number once I have been migrated?

To change your phone number once you have been migrated, follow these steps:

        1. Sign into Office 365 at
        2. In the upper right corner, click your profile picture and select My Account.
        3. On the left hand side bar select Security Info. At this point it may send you a validation text message. Then on the next page select Change.
        4. Alternatively, you can go to to update your number as well.


Can I continue to use the Authenticator app?

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to use the Authenticator app. Once you get migrated, it will revert to texting you.

Once we have migrated everyone to Office 365 cloud multi-factor, we will then make the Authenticator app an option again.

If we allow it as an option, Microsoft forces it as the default method and would cause confusion during the migration.

I see a “Forgot Password” option now. Can I reset my password using that?

The self-service password reset option allows you to reset your password if you want to change it or if you forgot it. You can do this without calling the Help Desk.

If you forgot your password, just click Forgot my password at the login page and follow the prompts.

If you want to change your password, follow these steps after you’ve logged in Office 365.

  • Click on your profile icon in the upper right side of the page and click My Account.
  • Now on the left hand side bar select Password. At this point it may send you a validation text message.
  • Next, fill out the fields to change your password.
  • Alternatively, you can go directly to to update your password as well.

For more questions on Office 365 Cloud MFA Migration, please reach out to the IT Helpdesk at 832.667.5600.

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