IT Service Transformation – Access CG7 Tickets from CG8

IT Service Transformation Program

ChangeGear 8.0

Ticket Migration from CG7 to CG8

CG7 tickets that migrated to CG8

  • Attachments and some fields won’t automatically migrate with tickets created in CG7. You can manually migrate this information to a new CG8 ticket.

  • To see all the data, click the link provided on the specific ticket. This takes you to the original CG7 ticket. Note: Turn off your brower’s pop-up blocker. CG7 tickets display as pop-ups, so you won’t see them if your pop-up blocker is on.

  • ​You can then manually move attachments and other missing data from the old CG7 ticket to the new CG8 ticket.

Accessing CG7 tickets after CG8 upgrade: If you need to refer to a CG7 ticket that migrated to CG8, here’s how.

  • If a CG7 ticket migrated to CG8, there will be a link in the CG8 ticket.

  • If you don’t know the ticket number and need to access a CG7 ticket for audit purposes or other reasons, click this link: https://cg7/cgweb/. Note: This link is available only for IT employees, and provides read-only access to CG7.

  • This access is available for tickets from 2018 to present.

How long will CG7 ticket access remain?

  • CG7 tickets will be available for at least seven years after our upgrade.

  • ​For tickets older than Jan. 1, 2018, you must request this information by submitting a Service Request.


  • Reports you used in CG7 will probably need to be redone, as there are differences in some of the CG8 fields.


  • Contact the the IT Help Desk by clicking here or calling 832.667.5600.

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