Why should I use the new FHIR Education tool, and how will it benefit me?

FHIR Education equips clinicians with the most current, evidence-based patient education resources and the ability to customize and select materials to each patient’s specific needs. Through the integration with Epic, information can be printed for each patient, along with the AVS at the time of discharge or sent to MyChart for online access after discharge, aiding as a reference point for both patients and caregivers. Confident and informed patients and caregivers will result in fewer calls to the unit regarding previously discharged patients, better patient outcomes and fewer readmissions.

It’s also easier to keep track of the diagnosis-specific education provided to each patient. It serves as a reference point for all clinicians involved in patient care and discharge planning, ensuring the patient was provided with all necessary discharge education information. You can also customize patient-specific edits at the point of care and prescribe video content.

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