Epic Physician Videos – Ambulatory Providers

On November 11, Houston Methodist will upgrade Epic to version 2018 (v2018) to provide the latest features to improve safety and quality of care, productivity and financial outcomes.

In addition to a cleaner, more vibrant look and feel, many features will positively impact you and our patients. Detailed information about the changes in your area are in the short videos below.

Visit Toolbar How to place orders and sign a visit from anywhere in the patient’s chart using the Visit Taskbar
Ordering Tapers and Ramps How to place a single order for prescriptions that taper down, ramp up, or have different dosages on different days.
Personal Order Panels How to save a group of orders as a personal order panel.
Personalized SmartSets How to save SmartSets with personalized details and use a colleague’s version as a starting point.
Personal SmartLists How to make a copy of a SmartList and update it to have the options and default selections that you prefer.
Notes Personalization How to copy content from a different type of note, delete NoteWriter forms from a note, and change note settings, like where your cursor appears when you open a note.
Get Up to Speed form the Schedule How to use the schedule, including how to change your display and personalize your toolbar.
Communication Management Tips for using the Communication Management section, including how to quickly print a letter for patients, make your letters larger, and personalize the section with your favorite templates.
Patient Instructions Tips for quickly writing patient instructions, including how to create speed buttons to pull your most common instructions in with one click.
Bookmarks in Chart Review How to save key items in a patient’s chart to the Bookmarks tab in Chart Review. See what other users have bookmarked, too.

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