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Achieve the Goal

To ensure your team stays on track during the Epic journey, be sure to reinforce the change.

As we travel on the Epic Journey, it’s important to stay focused on achieving our system-wide goals, which include:

  • Accessing system-wide robust information to complete the patient story and providing better care
  • Improving our communications
  • Making more informed decisions
  • Achieving better health outcomes, and
  • Empowering our patients with online tools to engage in care

Planning and sustaining activities are crucial to attaining project goals and ultimately achieving Epic success.

Stay closely connected to your employees, listen to their concerns and provide encouragement along the way. At each interval, connect your employees to our Epic version of the future.

A little recognition for team members that meet or exceed expectations can go a long way to fuel your team. The best provider of recognition at the individual level is the direct manager, while the best provider of group recognition is the director or the executive sponsor.

Celebrating success early and discussing key concepts covered in training are vital in building momentum and creating an environment where success and learning are rewarded. Keep a positive attitude about Epic, and be sure to acknowledge your team’s accomplishments throughout the journey.

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