Keep HM Safe: Create Unique Passwords

For Everyone 

Cyber security experts continue to identify using strong, unique passwords as one of the best ways to prevent a cyberattack and in our case, an easy way to keep our patient information private and secure. Unfortunately, it’s one recommendation that often lacks compliance, mainly because people don’t want to remember multiple passwords for multiple sites. At HM our team of experts work hard to keep our data safe from cyberattacks; however, we are all responsible in preventing these attacks. To keep our institution safe and patient information secure, you are strongly advised make your work passwords strong and unique.

This is particularly true if your social media accounts share the same password as your work log ins. Social engineering is where hackers love to gather public profile information. When you use one password for multiple services, you’re only as safe as the least secure service you use.

The best recommendation for a strong password is that it have the following characteristics:

  • Create a unique password exclusively for your HM computer.

  • At least 10 characters.

  • A combination of upper and lowercase letters.

  • A mixture of letters and numbers.

  • Include at least one special character, e.g.,!@#?}.


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