COVID-19 Floaters – Request Form and Training Required

For Floating Employees and Managers of Floating Employees Needing Epic Access

To secure additional Epic access for staff who are floating due to COVID-19, the following steps are required by the employee’s manager or the manager of the department the employee is floating to:  

  • Complete this request form as soon as you know someone will need Epic access. 

  • If you have multiple requests, attach a spreadsheet with all required information.

  • Submit the form(s) to the IT Help Desk with COVID Epic Floater Access Request as the subject line.

The employee who is floating must:

  • Complete and pass the required online eLearning or virtual WebEx training.

  • Click here for course information.

Note: If you currently have view-only Epic access and are being asked to float to a new role, you must complete an Epic New Hire training course. It is not sufficient to take a floater fast track course.

Epic access will not be granted until after form submission and training are complete.

Nurses and clinicians in the following areas have already received expanded access for ED, ICU and Inpatient Med/Surg tools in Epic.

  • Anesthesiologists (IP only)

  • Cardiology Nurses

  • ED Nurses and Managers

  • Midlevels, including PAs, NPs and CRNAs

  • Inpatient Nurses (ICU and Med/Surg)

  • OB, L&D, Nursery and Postpartum Nurses

  • Oncology Nurses

  • OR and Periop Nurses

  • PCAs (access for ED if not already in IP)

  • Radiology Nurses

  • UAAs 

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