21st Century Cures Act: Share Clinical Notes with Patients

The 21st Century Cures Act covers a wide range of health care initiatives, including a requirement that patients have access to their electronic health record (EHR) information. To meet this requirement, inpatient and outpatient providers can share all USCDI clinical note types with their patients through MyChart. This will give our patients access to their important health care information easily and securely.


What’s Changing 

  • Use the new Share w/ Patient button in NoteWriter to share the completed note with your patient via their MyChart
  • The Share w/ Patient button will be defaulted off.
  • Notes are limited to Signed, Completed and/or Attested Physician Notes.
  • Medical student and nursing notes are not
  • HM, the entity or provider can track shared notes using the new Shared Notes Clarity report for audit purposes.
  • Note types include:
    • Consultation Notes
    • Discharge Summary Notes
    • History & Physical
    • Imaging Narrative/Results Release
    • Laboratory Report Narrative/Results Release
    • Pathology Report Narrative/Results Release
    • Procedure Notes
    • Progress Notes 
  • Your patient can also request this information through the Medical Records Request form in MyChart.
    • All post-encounter queries will follow current Epic ROI workflows through MyChart, fulfilled by Medical Records.
  • When your patient receives your clinical note via MyChart, it will include a standard HM message, outlining the purpose of the note.

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